This blog is about thoughts on the environment, environmental and social issues and concerns about our mutual futures as new generations take power and we elderly folk become anachronisms even though we think we may have some of the answers due to our experience.  We start out life with a great ability to learn, but then we are formed by our experience. After a time, experience becomes more relied on than THINKING and learning.  Nothing is more intriguing than to discover long held beliefs do not stand up to scrutiny due to science, politics, and indoctrination of youth in different belief systems.  This blog invites all to convince me and others to modify our beliefs, or consider modifying yours.  Material purloined and annotated from other sites will appear, and you are invited to comment, disparage or rant as you see fit – with the exception that it MUST be kept Canadian Polite.  Gratuitous insults or flames will be extinguished.  In general, treat others with the respect you would hope to receive, argue from fact and not emotion though humour is welcome – to a point. Climate Change and Environment will be the main topics with the odd excursion into the education system, since it is the education system that has led to a lack of skepticism that permeates science, but poisons politics.

This blog is from the perspective of a Canadian living in Alberta though I have lived and worked in all of Western and Northern Canada and overseas.  The focus will therefore have a western Canadian perspective.  As a construction worker, ranch worker, skier, camper, hunter, fisherman, father, engineer and farmer I have always been close to the land and working with my hands; with the brain following along to reduce the amount of risk I put myself in … and sometimes increasing it.  Life is not without risk.

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